(Reported By Bob Eshliman) Earlier this week, while visiting Las Vegas, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump had a prophetic moment with pastors Marc and Denise Goulet. Joining the pastors on the dais, Trump received a prophetic word from Denise, who said: What I was hearing the Lord say was, “This is My son with whom I am well pleased.” The Lord was showing me how you, Mr. Trump, Donald, as a young—as a little boy—growing up, that you were a good son.

You had a good father, and He was saying, “I have prepared you for this time—for such a time as this.” You have been groomed and prepared for this kind of battle. God has given you the backbone and the courage to say, “Yes” to this challenge. The Goulets then took turns praying over Trump, praying for his safety—both physical and spiritual. They also declared the “arrows” of the campaign had been removed and their effect had been removed from him and his family. READ MORE