James Schamus’ Symbolic Exchange is joining forces with Germany’s X-Filme, France’s Haut et Court, and the U.K.’s Potboiler to produce an adaptation of Mary Gabriel’s book about Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and their families, “Love and Capital,” as a limited TV series. Playwright and screenwriter Alice Birch will write the show. She recently wrote the script for William Olroyd’s feature debut “Lady Macbeth,”

which premiered to acclaim at this year’s Toronto Intl. Film Festival, where it was picked up by Roadside Attractions for a 2017 release in the U.S. Published in 2011, “Love and Capital” was a National Book Award finalist, a National Book Critics Circle finalist, and a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. The story centers on the real lives of Jenny and Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and the two sisters — Mary and Lizzie Burns — whom he loved and who loved him, and the Marx daughters — Jennychen, Laura, and Eleanor. READ MORE