(By Jentezen Franklin) What an extraordinary last few months of the 2016 election season we have all watched. Just when I think I’ve seen or heard it all, something else breaks and the flurry of media activity starts all over again. They say that this election season will go down as the most divisive in history. But for many, this will be the most defining election in modern history as two very different versions of America’s future have been presented with no gray area between the polar opposite scenarios and directions.

While there are millions who have locked in on a particular person running for president, there are millions more who have focused their attention, and their vote, not so much on the candidates but more so on the issues at stake. For example, when I see the candidates, I don’t see so much this person or that person or their political parties. I look past the person and see the set of future Supreme Court justices each candidate will nominate. When viewed through that lens, it’s easier to see what matters most when deciding how to cast my vote. READ MORE