(By Dr. Doug Weiss) There is a direct connection between your sexual behavior and your destiny in Christ. God has designed us to do amazing things for His kingdom, and our level of sexual purity will determine how useful we are. Sex and destiny are linked. This is why the devil works so hard to ensnare men in sexual sin. His goal is to neutralize godly men through immoral sexual behavior, thereby making them ineffective for the kingdom. And after 20 years of counseling men on this issue, I can tell you this is evidence the devil is scared of you.

We have all seen great men of God excelling in the Lord, moving toward global impact, only to succumb to sexual sin. Suddenly, all they can do is watch as their ministry, family and reputation crumble in shame. Had those men prepared themselves to fight against sexual sin by being transparent with others, seeking counsel and remaining accountable—we would still benefit from their ministry today. READ MORE