( Written By Amanda Shiflett) There’s been a lot of warfare the last several days, more than usual actually! Have you experienced intense emotional distress, mental fog, and even some physical distress? I couldn’t figure out exactly what was going on, but it finally came to me yesterday during a conversation with a friend. I knew that Monday night was the largest (closest) Super Moon since 1948, and that it wouldn’t be that large again until 2034. What I hadn’t thought about was the occultic activities that revolve around that kind of thing.

Witches and Warlocks (those who practice Wicca), and others who practice pagan rituals, have a lot of their practices and rituals that revolve around the moon…and of course, the biggest Super Moon is a big deal to them. It’s a time for them to cast extra “spells” and “conjure” extra spirits (whom they don’t realize are demons). Don’t believe me??
Below is an excerpt from a Wiccan website that is telling what they would be doing on this past Super Moon (Sun-Mon), and asking what the other Wiccans and Pagans are doing to celebrate. (I can provide the website for those who would like to double check, but simply didn’t want to post it here…PM me if you would like to see it for yourself.)

Notice the discussion at the end of the excerpt that talks about “conjuring entities and spirits to bond on our new jewelry items; performing Reiki channeling onto all our items.” Yes, that means they are channeling and conjuring spirits to attach to the jewelry and other items they are selling! And people don’t think there’s anything wrong with buying jewelry or other items that are being sold in “New Age” and similar type shops?!? Please…don’t be fooled into thinking things like this are safe and harmless! CONTINUE