A major 6.3 magnitude aftershock has rocked New Zealand just north of where a massive 7.8 earthquake struck hours earlier. The aftershock hit shortly after 1.30pm local time and was centred in Cheviot, some 100 kilometres north of Christchurch, on the South Island. Since then a further 14 aftershocks have shaken New Zealand. Some 14 hours earlier the country was shaken by the severe earthquake,

which killed two people and triggered a tsunami up to five metres high. The initial tremor created fractures in major roadways and was so intense a farmhouse near the epicentre of the quake was completely destroyed. Incredibly, a 100-year-old woman buried within the rubble of the homestead was pulled out alive after rescue workers spent hours searching for her, her son and her daughter-in-law. Her son was killed when the building collapsed. READ MORE