(Reported By Jennifer Leclaire) Bill Johnson, the senior leader at Bethel, is speaking out today after massive backlash for his statements on voting for Trump. I can relate, at least on a smaller level, to what he is dealing with. After writing two articles that didn’t even mention Trump—Prophecy: On Election Day, a Kingdom Will be Toppled and Prophecy:After Wicked Kingdom Topped—Jezebel Curse Broken Off America—I was called a racist, told I was mentally ill,

and it was suggested more than once that I should spend eternity in hell. I’m grateful to those like Alveda King who supported me during a rough week of curses, witchcraft, slander, accusations and more. I’ve included Bill’s statement in its entirety below. Saints, I appeal to you to pursue love and peace. A house divided cannot stand (Mark 3:25) and the devil is trying to divide us so he can advance his wicked agenda in the midst of the strife. Please, let’s put an end to this now. READ MORE