(By Shawn. A. Akers) Christian leaders, through the Revival One Network (R1N), are calling for believers to fast and pray from Thursday morning until 10 p.m. Tuesday for the upcoming election and the deliverance of the nation from the “strongholds of humanism and liberalism.” The alarm has been sounded to God’s army, and Frank Amedia, co-senior pastor of Touch Heaven Church in Canfield,

Ohio, says R1N is pleading with the body of Christ to join this effort to help pull down the strongholds in our government that are choking out our Judeo-Christian morality and faith. R1N is calling for an Esther Fast—with no food or water for three days—from sunrise Thursday, Nov. 3, through sunset Saturday, Nov. 5. The body is called to continue to fast through election night on Tuesday, Nov. 8 at 10 p.m. Amedia says, however, that believers should fast as the Lord leads them, and that it is not legalistic if you need to drink. FULL REPORT