(By Barrett Johnson) There is a war waging all around us. It is one none of us can escape. And it has nothing to do with politics. Like it or not, we are all participants in an ongoing war between God and Satan for the hearts and souls of man. Without a doubt, the battlefield of human sexuality is an area of particularly violent struggle. Whether parents want to acknowledge it or not, our children are thrust into this battle at a far younger age than we can imagine.

Given that the enemy of God has a specific agenda to derail and overthrow God’s design for sex, we would be wise to gain as much intelligence on our enemy as we can. What would we see if we were able to get a glimpse into the war room of hell? What if we could get inside the mind of our enemy and gain access to his plans and strategies? It would certainly allow us to engage in the fight with understanding. The Scriptures can give us some insight. READ MORE