(By Reza Safa) Over the past couple of years, the world has watched with alarm as ISIS and other radical Islamic gangs have loosed a reign of terror, oppression and fear across the Middle East and beyond. As they have murdered, maimed, destroyed and brought chaos wherever they go, these demonically inspired thugs have declared their goal is nothing less than the reemergence of an iron-fisted Islamic caliphate [state] that will, if not stopped, rule the Middle East and influence the

entire Muslim world with a religious extremism that has not been witnessed for centuries. As a former radical Muslim who once embraced such an ideological worldview, I can wholly confirm that this is, indeed, the dark vision that burns in the hearts of fanatical Muslim militants bent on creating a world dominated by Islam. And it is just as ominous and threatening as it sounds. But there is some great news rising up to counter this threat, and it is this: The Middle East is on fire—ablaze with the all-consuming love of Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God. READ MORE