After lying naked and cold in a morgue for two days, Sabina says she saw herself hopelessly stuck at the bottom of a deep well. Surrounded by corpses covered with linen sheets, Sabina says she had a vision of a tree growing at the top of the well. From its trunk, a branch moved toward her as she lay on a hospital gurney. Close enough to reach, the branch changed into flesh as Sabina says she heard the words, “If you grab onto my hand, I will bring you back to life.”

Taking hold of it with her cold, lifeless hand, Sabina says she woke to find her body covered from the neck down with a white sheet like other corpses around her. Hearing voices of doctors in search of a cadaver, Sabina says she sat up on the frigid metal surface below her body. “I’m alive. Don’t worry,” she shouted as doctors entered the morgue a second time after running out scared moments before. READ MORE