(By J.Lee.Grady) In three weeks, the baffling 2016 presidential election will be over. The winner will begin assembling a White House cabinet. The loser will most likely disappear for a while. And our polarized nation, weary from all the sound and fury of ugly politics, will recover from the stress of this crazy season. Many evangelical Christians have supported billionaire Donald Trump, either because he is a Washington outsider or because his policies seem more conservative than Clinton’s.

Some charismatic leaders, such as Lance Wallnau, have even prophesied that Trump is God’s man. But that has been a difficult idea to sell, especially to African-American or Hispanic Christian voters who view Trump as racist and anti-immigrant. The new revelations of Trump’s “locker room” comments about women have not helped his case. Many evangelicals have abandoned him over his insulting sexist language. CONTINUE