Commenting on US Vice President Joe Biden’s statement on the possibility of cyberattacks against Russia, Vladimir Putin said it’s the first time that Washington has admitted involvement in such actions. Putin noted that US threats of hack attacks do not correspond to the norms of international relations. “The only novelty is that for the first time, on the highest level, the United States has admitted involvement in these activities, and to some extent threatened [us] – which of course does not meet the standards of international communication,” the Russian leader said. “Apparently, they are nervous,” he added.

US Vice President Joe Biden said on Friday that Washington is ready to respond to hack attacks it claims were conducted by Russia and designed to interfere with the upcoming US election. “We are sending a message [to Putin],” Biden told NBC. “He’ll know it. It will be at the time of our choosing, and under the circumstances that will have the greatest impact,” the US vice president said. FULL REPORT