A professor from Northwestern University believes Christians pose a greater threat to the United States than Islamists. Though Professor Catherine M. Wallace calls herself a Christian – one of the social justice variety – she claimed in a lecture called “Confronting Fundamentalism” at the Seminary Co-op Bookstore on the campus of the University of Chicago that Christian fundamentalists pose a greater threat to our nation because they can somehow gain access to the nuclear codes.

“If [anyone Islamic] wanted to attack an American city, they had to hijack an airliner,” she claims. “If they want to blow up a concert, they need to put bombs on their own children and send young men in to kill themselves… that kind of radicalism [Christian fundamentalism] in control of nuclear codes was a much, much greater threat.” Wallace believes that “Christian fundamentalist” violence is a threat because it stems from a literal reading of the Bible, which she claims is a modern aberration and that “nobody in the ancient world would have read the Bible literally.” FULL REPORT