The Christian owners of a bakery in Northern Ireland have lost their appeal of a ruling declaring them guilty of discrimination for declining to print the phrase “Support Gay Marriage” on a cake. “In the present case the appellants might elect not to provide a service that involves any religious or political message. What they may not do is provide a service that only reflects their own political or religious message in relation to sexual orientation,”

declared Lord Chief Justice Sir Declan Morgan of the Belfast Court of Appeals on Monday. He was joined in his opinion by Lord Justices Ronald Weatherup and Reginald Weir. As previously reported, in May 2014, Ashers Baking Company in Newtonabbey—named after Genesis 49:20—was approached by a same-sex “marriage” supporter to bake a cake that was to feature the phrase, as well as the logo for the homosexual advocacy group QueerSpace. FULL REPORT