(By Ricky Scaparo) As I am writing this, we have an entire slew of TV Preachers to choose from today and an array of sources to hear them from. We have cable television, satellite, the Internet and the list goes on. Is this a bad thing? Of course not. In fact, this more than likely plays into fulfilling “Bible Prophecy.” straight out of the book of Matthew that tells us that “This Gospel of the Kingdom, Must be preached unto ALL the World as a witness and then the end shall come.”. However, I fear that many believers today rely solely on their favorite tv preacher on Sunday Morning or whenever their scheduled slot is available on whatever channel they can be viewed on and not cracking open their Bibles to hear from God themselves.

Again, I want to reiterate that I am by no means coming against those who preach the Gospel using the modern technology that we have today. The fact is if that was the case it would be a bit hypocritical being that I minister using these same means of communication to deliver the word to edify, exhort and warn others as well. However, we have many believers that can only receive a word from God through turning on their television or their computer! So what happens when the day comes when all this technology is no longer available? What happens when there is no tv, no internet and no means of hearing your favorite preacher?

I thought of this today while I was on the treadmill and reflecting on some articles I shared today. One of the stories that really got my attention and inspired this blog was the recent news surfacing of the Internet takeover at the end of this month, in which the president of the United States is set to give control of the Internet to foreign powers. Some speculate the UN will likely be the recipient. Now, what happens if foreign Nations gain control of the Internet and begin censoring and shutting down Christian Ministries, Blog sites and sites that oppose the system? This would likely remove any tv minister that preaches the truth of the Word of God and will leave these stations with nothing but False Prophets and Teachers ministering “Ear-Tickling.” messages that comply with government regulations. By the way, this is already happening now but nothing like what is to come. Here is the conclusion. We must not rely on a man to bring us a “Word from God.” but we have to get in the Word for ourselves in this hour! The word we hear from a man or woman of God should only confirm what God has already revealed to you and I in our private devotional time with the Lord anyway.