(By Perry Stone Ministries) Hours remain before the Internet, which has been in control of the United States and under the authority of the U.S Government, will be handed over by President Obama, taking it from the hands of the United States Government and into the hands of – let’s make this plain – the globalists organizations. The behind the scenes agenda is believed to be that the internet is the greatest source of conservative news and the liberals see this as a threat to both exposing their candidates and impacting voting. Oddly, it’s the “domain names and the numbers” that will be released.

The fear is, once this is signed it irreversible and foreign nations as China and Russia can totally control the information highway to their own personal preferences. It is interesting in the book of Revelation the mark of the beast includes a “number and a name,” perhaps similar to the domain “name” and the “number” assigned to that name. There is a small window remaining to call your senator and demand they stop Obama from proceeding with this action. SOURCE