(By Bret Farias) “Knowledge produces arrogance, but love edifies” (1 Cor. 8:1).

▪ There she was—a young college age girl standing at the altar with her hands raised after having received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Her two friends, giddy with excitement, were about to tap her on the shoulder so they could leave and go have some fun. I immediately stopped them saying, “Don’t touch her; she’s in another world.”

▪ As I was preaching and ministering in the Spirit at a church meeting, I noticed a tiny woman in the second row who was being touched by God. Once the meeting was over she stayed in her seat. I kept observing her and knew she was in the Spirit. God was working deeply in her. She was in a Holy Ghost bubble and didn’t want to engage in any trivial or carnal conversation with anyone. READ MORE