The Bear is definitely not in hibernation as reports indicate jets zooming across the sky and dropping bombs that burst into balls of flame – this was a fireworks display with a deadly serious purpose. The display of military might took place in Crimea on Friday as Russia showcased its ground, marine and air forces in the biggest exercises held on the strategic peninsula since its 2014 annexation from Ukraine.
The drills involved 12,500 troops, fighter jets and anti-aircraft missiles, and happened at the Opuk training range on the Black Sea coast.

The drills involved warships, aircraft and tanks, with Moscow firing its S-300 missile systems.  The more advanced S-400 systems were used earlier in the Caucasus-2016 exercises that began on September 5. Inland, on a dusty steppe, paratroopers made a mass landing while ground forces ignited a wall of fire with napalm. READ MORE