Here we go again with these alleged “Prophecies” regarding Donald Trump. Now we can add another one to the long list! According to a new report, A Jewish rabbi from New Jersey, however, is making that claim that he doesn’t see the GOP presidential nominee as the Messiah but rather a messiah. Rabbi Mendel Kessin, during a lecture shared in late August, said Trump will play the role of a “messiah-like figure” leading America,

which he sees as leader of Western Christianity, into its role as the rehabilitated biblical Esau – a righteous nation that repents of its past sins and becomes a helper of Israel. Trump, the GOP nominee for president, will be a factor in the end of days in America by reflecting the “rehabilitation of biblical Esau,” said Kessin. The rabbi’s lecture, which took place in Lakewood, New Jersey, begins with Esav, also called Esau, the twin brother of Jacob, who is portrayed in the Old Testament as a persecutor of the Jews. READ MORE