Did an Angel of the Lord get captured on film or is this some kind image distortion or elaborate hoax? You decide. Like countless others, Rich McCormack snapped a photo of the Tribute in Light at the World Trade Center site. But the freelance photographer from Jersey City got more than he bargained for when he capture the beams of light towering into the sky last week. At the top of the beams appears to be a silhouette of an angel, though the photographer himself said it bears a striking resemblance to Jesus.

The picture was shared on social media, and many users have taken it to mean a symbolic religious sign. Norma Cheryda Aguila-Valdaliso wrote: ‘Oh my God. God is great. God is good. ‘This has left me with so much faith – God is watching over us always. Yvette Cid, whose children were victims of the 9/11 attacks which claimed 2,996 people, was overwhelmed by the picture.  She said: ‘That’s an awesome pic wow I lost my two boys and I believe this is a sign to all that have lost a love one.’ READ MORE