A group of Christian activists in Ohio unaffiliated with any of the major pro-life groups are attempting to amend the state constitution to say abortion will be prosecuted as “aggravated murder,” attracting a sentence of up to life in prison. Ballot language in a proposed constitutional amendment submitted to the office of state Attorney General Mike DeWine last Friday wants to “prohibit abortion of all human beings, without exception, and classifying it as aggravated murder in the State of Ohio.”

DeWine now has until Monday to determine if the wording of the proposal meets the requirements to put the issue of abortion on the ballot by Nov. 2017, according to The Columbus Dispatch. Three Christians — Laura Burton of Cleveland, Anthony Dipane of Monroe Falls, and Dustin Paulson of Strasburg — are behind the proposal according the Dispatch which points out that they are not affiliated with any pro-life groups. READ MORE