With little fanfare, a replica arch from the Temple of Baal was unveiled in a New York park, but one righteous man took a stand. Robert Boatwright quite literally took up his cross in City Hall Park in New York City to protest of the arch this week. “I felt led to carry a representation of the cross that the Son of God spilled His blood on that we might again dwell in the kingdom of God,” Boatwright tells Charisma News.

“I also wanted to call attention to the absurdity involved in a tribute to Baal by any affiliation. A temple that involved the sacrifice of infants does not reflect the God-given instinct to survive in humanity. It is akin to placing a reconstructed gate to Auschwitz after it was destroyed and stating it represents humankind’s most endearing qualities.” Boatwright says he initially planned to carry the cross by the arch, also known as the Arch of Palmyra, when plans were unveiled for an April arch placement in Times Square. However, plans for that arch where scrapped. READ MORE