A mass fish kill of 100 tons of fish has been discovered in Lake Maninjau, Agam, West Sumatra, Reports indicate that the fish have died suddenly since Friday (26/8). Death allegedly caused by sulfur poisoning (tubo sulfur) and strong winds that hit the region. “This is the data that we get from the owners of floating cages in Sigiran, Linggai, Panta,

appearance and other river,” said Head of Marine and Fisheries Agam Ermanto in Lubuk cone, Monday (29/8). Tilapia species of fish and Majalaya dead had been ready to harvest and spread over a swath hundreds of floating cages owned by 20 farmers. Losses estimated at Rp 1.9 billion, with the price of fish at the farmer level Rp 19,000 per kilogram. READ MORE