Welcome to 2016 where many Churches don’t need the Holy Spirit any longer to draw people to Church. Instead, they have chosen alcohol. After struggling with her Christianity 14 years ago, and coming out as gay, Angela Caddell told ABC News that having a beer and talking about Jesus helps her be more connected to her religion. An event called, “Jesus & Beer” is a part of an effort by some Christian groups throughout the country used to recruit parishioners, connect with others struggling in their faith, or provide an outlet to talk about faith.

“If you’re an atheist you are welcome. …. I’m a lesbian, I’m totally welcome,” said Caddell. Pastor Brandon Brown from CollectiveMKE began the gatherings once a month at bars in a local area of Wisconsin. Brown does not have a stand-alone church and began non-traditional gatherings that would attract more than just social conservatives. Two dozen people attend his event. READ MORE