(By Emily Mcfarlan) Thank God for the internet. If you believe in God, that is. For a time, Mike McHargue did, and then he didn’t, and now he does again. But it’s on the internet where McHargue—better known as “Science Mike” to listeners of “The Liturgists” and “Ask Science Mike” podcasts—found community when he was questioning his Southern Baptist upbringing and then the atheism he had adopted. And it’s on the internet where he’s forged a community with others like him who can’t comfortably wear either label: Christian or atheist.

“My place in church community and this sense of belonging I feel now has largely come from how many people responded as I started to talk about these things openly,” he said. “But it tends to make certain Christians and atheists uncomfortable to embrace both a materialistic, empirical view of the cosmos through science as well as something more numinous through the lens of the spiritual.” READ MORE