Did Hillsong New York just give it’s support to “Black Lives Matter”? According to a report from “Truth Revolt“, The NYC chapter of the world-famous Hillsong Church has endorsed the terrorist organization “Black Lives Matter” and has refused to say “All Lives Matter.” In a Facebook post on Sunday, NYC pastor Carl Lentz donned his feminized Christianity cape and embarked on his social justice crusade to promote a terrorist organization responsible for the death of police, vandalism, and all-around racial resentment, ya know, ’cause Jesus would be cool with that.

At THIS church, we are not saying ‘all lives matter’ right now because this is a logical assumption that most reasonable people agree with. All lives are not at risk right now. We ARE saying BLACK LIVES MATTER. Because, right now, black lives apparently are worth LESS on our streets. It’s ‘our fight’ not ‘their fight.’ As reported by Relevant, Hillsong Church has become “one of most the influential young congregations in the country, regularly engaging in conversations about race and social injustice,” except when that social injustice means black babies being aborted beyond birth replacement in NYC. FULL REPORT