Catastrophic flooding may not be over yet for America! According to a new report, Significant flooding may develop across the southwestern United States through Wednesday as Newton fuels soaking rain across the region. Newton slammed into Baja California as a Category 1 hurricane early Tuesday morning. Despite weakening, the system will send a surge of torrential rain into the Southwest through Wednesday night. Downpours will initially increase Tuesday night across southern Arizona and New Mexico, sparking localized incidents of flash flooding.

On Wednesday, a more organized swath of heavy, flooding rainfall will arrive across southeastern Arizona. Phoenix will be located along the northwest periphery of the heavy rain, as the core of the steady rain will target areas farther east across southeastern Arizona, including Tucson. One to 3 inches of rain can accumulate in less than 24 hours, and in a few cases, only a matter of hours. This amount of rain is something that typically accumulates over the course of one or two months in many Southwest locations during the late summer. READ MORE