The Zika virus seems to be continuing to spread in Miami, Florida prompting county officials to hold an emergency meeting to blunt concerns about an epidemic and to underscore that local infections remain well contained. According to reports, Gov. Rick Scott of Florida said Tuesday that four more individuals had been identified as likely to have acquired the Zika virus from local mosquitoes in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami, the only place in the continental United States with active transmission.

Excerpt From The New York Times:
That brings the number of locally acquired cases in Florida to 21. On Monday, officials announced a Zika case in West Palm Beach, and they are investigating how the person, who recently traveled to Miami, was infected.Hillary Clinton made a campaign stop on Tuesday at a local clinic in Wynwood, a gentrifying arts district of hipster bars and restaurants, and pressed Congress to return to Washington to approve emergency funding for Zika treatment, testing and research. The House left on vacation without passing legislation to fund efforts against Zika, rebuffing President Obama’s request for $1.9 billion and a $1.1 billion compromise passed by the Senate.