(By Ricky Scaparo) Have you noticed how many animals and people that have been killed lately by lightning strikes? I’m sure it happens often but it does seem like there definitely has been an abnormal increase of cases being reported. The one that recently made a lot of headlines was the Freak lightning storm that Killed 323 Reindeer In Norway. According to the report of this story, Officials believed that the animals were killed by lightning during a heavy thunderstorm, In what may have been the deadliest lightning strike in history.

Then today we have a story coming out of Texas where 19 cows were killed by lightning after taking shelter under a tree. Nineteen cows were killed as a result of that strike, about a third of the herd in the pasture where they were. A mark is still visible on the tree where the lightning hit.  Then there was the report of lightning strikes that left many people dead such as the story update we reported back in July of 62 people that were killed And 140 injured by lightning strikes in Nepal alone between April and July.

At least 93 people were struck by lightning and killed in India in 48 hours back in June. Most deaths occurred in the eastern state of Bihar, where an overnight storm killed at least 56 people and injured another 28, mainly in rural areas. “The death toll has climbed to 56 and 28 are injured.   And then there was the report of 120 sheep that were killed by lightning strikes all at once in Kyrgyzstan. The terrifying event occurred between 9 and 10 pm on a pasture in the village of Suuk Tobo in the Aksy district, Kyrgyzstan. Whether all of this is normal or not, I’m not sure but I sure have not remembered a time that I have ever heard about this many reports of deaths occurring from lightning strikes.