Is China preparing for War? Recently Japan directly threatened the communist Nation when Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga accused Beijing of 14 violations throughout the past weekend of what Tokyo considered its sovereign territory, vowing a “firm,” but “calm” response to the China. Japan also ordered its military to be ready at any time to shoot down any North Korean missiles that threaten to strike Japan.

Now a new report is indicating that Satellite photos released on Monday appear to show China making progress on construction of at least two dozen hardened concrete hangars suitable for housing Chinese air force planes, including strategic bombers and inflight refuelers, on the disputed islands in the South China Sea. After review of these photos the response was “These hangars are the smoking gun. You do not build nearly 80 hangars for civilian purposes on these tiny spits of land They’re clearly meant for forward deployment of Chinese Air Force assets,” Greg Poling, Director of CSIS’ Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative, told Fox News.