Not everyone is excited about the new Pokemon Go game, and one Vietnam Veteran expressed his disapproval recently and the entire incident was caught on video and has actually resulted in the man receiving a citation. The entire event took place at the Veterans park in Minnesota were the incident was caught on video, leading to a citation — but also leading officials Monday to consider banning games from the park entirely.

Excerpt From Fox News:
Bruce Reed Jr. of Winona was cited for fourth-degree criminal damage to property and disorderly conduct, both misdemeanors, the Winona Daily News reported. Reed was seen telling players Veterans Memorial Park was “not a f—— campground.” The video Thursday showed him knocking over a portable picnic awning that was set up not far from war monuments. At one point, he appeared to knock the camera from the hands of the person recording. Reed told The Associated Press he was having a “flashback” to Vietnam during the confrontation.