Well, here we go! The state of Texas heads to court on Friday to defend its bid to block the Obama administration’s recent guidance that said public schools should allow transgender students to use restrooms according to their gender identity. But the Lawmakers are now getting back up because It’s not just the lawmakers who are fighting over the issue — it’s the apparently some of the residents, including a 4-year-old girl and her mother in Pearland.

Excerpt From WFAA8ABC:
As soon as she could, Kai Shappley gravitated towards dresses and dolls. But even though she was born a boy named Joseph Paul, she made it clear what she identified as. “By age 3, she was verbalizing, ‘I’m a girl, you know I’m a girl,’,” said Kimberly Shappley, Kai’s mother. At first, it was a huge hurdle for Kimberly, a devout Christian. She admitted to a period of punishment towards Kai, until the child’s behavior proved traumatic.