Is Zika spreading in Florida? According to reports coming out of Florida, The first case of locally-acquired Zika virus has arrived in Palm Beach County. Governor Rick Scott said Monday the infected person recently traveled to Miami-Dade County, ground zero for an outbreak of Zika acquired through domestic mosquitoes. The State health officials are currently attempting to determine where the unidentified person contracted the virus.

Excerpt From PalmBeachPost:
Before Monday’s announcement, the state said that 20 people in Palm Beach County had been infected while traveling outside the United States to countries — mostly in the Caribbean and Latin America — where the virus is widespread. South Florida has 17 cases of locally-acquired Zika, including at least 14 in a one-square-mile area in Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood, a popular arts district just north of the city’s downtown. There have also been two confirmed cases in Broward County of non-travel-related Zika.