Transgenders are now infiltrating the comic scene and has introduced it’s newest poster-child. Chalice who is a new superhero who can manipulate gravity so that she can fly. Here’s the catch. Chalice is also Charlie Young, a male college student, who, unbeknown to his family, is beginning to transition to female. Unlike most superheroes, who have to maintain one secret identity, Chalice has two.

Excerpt From The New York Times:
And so begins Alters, a series from AfterShock Comics, coming in September, that will introduce Chalice in a central role.The series was created by the writer Paul Jenkins, a comics veteran whose credits include Origin, which detailed the early days of Wolverine. For Mr. Jenkins it is a passion project, one he has pursued since 2005. He gives a lot of credit to his mother, a gay single mom who raised him and his brother in Dorset, England. “If we ever get to a point where issues such as race, sexuality and gender identity are a nonissue, we will have arrived,” he said. “That’s my Mum talking right there.”