Welcome to 2016 where schools in the United States of America support banning the US Flag! According to a new report, The Greenville County School District and principals of Travelers Rest and Berea high school are responding to claims students weren’t allowed to carry American flags into a football game between the two schools. Several people have reached out to WYFF News 4 and posted about the incident on social media, claiming the principal would not allow them to carry U.S. flags into Friday night’s football game because it might offend Berea High School’s Hispanic community.

On Saturday afternoon, Principal Lou Lavely told WYFF News 4, “the flag has been used in the past to taunt Berea students and community that has led to confrontation. Student safety (and in the case of a football game, safety of all attending) is our primary concern. It is the responsibility of the school to provide the safest environment possible and no object, sign, chants by students, etc. would be permitted if they compromise safety.” CONTINUE