A giant sinkhole filled with swirling water has opened up in the backyard of a home in Ipswich, west of Brisbane. Reports indicated that a neighbour alerted Lynn and Ray McKay about 9:00am after noticing the hole opening up on their Basin Pocket property. Since the time they were alerted the hole has since increased to about eight metres in diameter.

Excerpt From ABC News:
“Well, we don’t get up ’til late because we are retired,” he said. “Nine o’clock I got a knock on the door and it’s the chap from next door. “I come out and I’ve got a hole in the ground, it was only a little one, a metre, and it’s just got bigger since.” Queensland Utilities were called, in the belief that a water pipe had burst, however the McKays were told there were no related pipes in the area. Mayor Paul Pisasale said it could be related the old mines in the area.