(By Jason and David Benham) Last week, we spoke at the Charlotte Mecklenburg School system’s board meeting as it discussed the upcoming “gender unicorn.” Because so many concerned parents showed up to speak, our time was narrowed from three minutes to one. David wrote his speech, but he had to shrink it to 50 seconds  The bottom line is, these bathroom policies – and laws in other states – have little to do with the emotional struggle of the transgender community, but everything to do with a political revolution of the radical left.

The following is David’s speech, with his video at the end: My name is David Benham. I’m a concerned father of five children, and as a business owner, I’m an employer to parents of many more kids in and around the Charlotte Metro area. I came here tonight to plead with you not to use our children – our future – as social experiments. I’m asking you not to let our kids become pawns in the hands of radical, sexual revolutionaries who don’t care about them, you, me or anyone but themselves. CONTINUE