A powerful Magnitude 5.8 Earthquake has struck within miles of one of the locations of one of the deadliest volcanic eruptions in history. The Indonesian Tambora had an estimated ejecta volume of 160 km3 (38 cu mi) in it’s 1815 outburst. Could this quake be a pre-cursor to another mega-eruption?

Excerpt From Strange Sounds:
On July 31, 2016, a strong (M5.8) and shallow (10km) earthquake hit really close to Mount Tambura, Indonesia, a volcano responsible for the largest volcanic eruption in recorded history in 1815. Scary? Yes! Based on evidence from the geologic record, the chances of another eruption the size of Tambora occurring somewhere on Earth might be around 10% in the next 50 years and more likely than not, it will be from a volcano in Indonesia. We might think that Tambora is an isolated incident from the past, but volcanoes think otherwise.