The Pope is out on the frontlines defending Islam again. And now he speaks out again speaking aboard the plane taking him back to Rome after a five-day trip to Poland, he said: “I think it is not right to identify Islam with terrorism.  “It is not right and it is not true.” This was the response Francis to a question about the killing on July 26 of an 85-year-old Roman Catholic priest by knife-wielding attackers who burst into a church service in western France, forced the priest to his knees and murdered him.

Excerpt From Express:
The attack was claimed by ISIS. He said: “I think that in nearly all religions there is always a small fundamentalist group.” He then added: “We have them,” referring to Catholicism. The Pope continued: “I don’t like to talk about Islamic violence because every day when I look at the papers I see violence here in Italy – someone killing his girlfriend, someone killing his mother-in-law. These are baptised Catholics.