Recently International Evangelist Perry Stone expressed the dangers of the upcoming Internet takeover scheduled in October by the Obama Administration to hand over the Internet to Foreign Powers. Here is an excerpt from his FB Ministry Page:

(Written By Perry Stone) Enjoy this while you can! One of the last things Obama will do before leaving office is to basically turn the Internet over to the Globalists. In two months, the U.S. government control of the Internet names and addresses will be turned over. A report today indicated it is the desire of the United Nations to take control of the Internet, and China and Russia have both said that global governments need to have the ability to control what is and is not said on the Internet. The first groups to “go away” or be blocked will be conservative evangelical ministries and also conservative blogs that expose the secret and hidden agendas of leaders, or make stands in agreement with the Bible. This could well be the conclusion of Internet freedom of speech for many.

Some will say this is not as big a deal, however, several organizations are very concerned and believe this is the first step in controlling the speech of Americans. Also, recently a woman of God had a dream that Obama supported Hillary and she won, but before she could be sworn in he permitted her to be arrested for treason; thus he remained in power as neither she nor the V.P. had been sworn in. She researched this possibility and discovered it had occurred once in American history. Three days ago I saw a copy of a paper where Martial Law is now being planned and equipment is being moved. In brief, the government is expecting something big to occur and if something as the above scenario occurred, a national crisis would unfold.