Nike doesn’t want to be left out of the Transgender propaganda as it has just released a new video ad featuring the United States’ first-ever openly transgender athlete to qualify to compete in the Olympics.  Chris Mosier, who is a biological female and founder of, qualified to compete for the U.S. men’s national team in the long course duathlon earlier this year when she finished seventh in the men’s 35-39 category of the sprint duathlon at the Duathalon National Championship.

Excerpt From The Christian Post:
As part of Nike’s “Unlimited Courage” campaign, the athletic clothing company featured Mosier in one of its newest 40-second ads. The commercial shows Mosier running down city streets during the early in the morning hours. The narrator in the commercial asks Mosier how he knew he would be fast enough and strong enough to compete against the men, how he knew he would be allowed to compete, and how he knew the team would accept him. “I didn’t,” Mosier responded after each question.