A report is indicating that a pair of lesbian couples is suing the state of New Jersey to get insurance coverage for their artificial insemination operations.  The couples Erin and Marianne Krupa and Sarah Mills and her partner Gloria Torres reportedly filed suit earlier this month against the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance Commissioner Richard Badolato.

Excerpt From Christian Post:
“This civil rights case is about family and the right of all New Jersey women who dream of becoming mothers to access the reproductive health care they need to realize that dream on an equal basis, regardless of their sexual orientation,” reads the lawsuit. “Although New Jersey mandates that insurance plans operating in the state cover medically necessary expenses incurred in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility, this mandate, in relevant part, defines infertility as an inability to conceive despite engaging in unprotected sexual intercourse with a male partner for either one or two years, depending on a woman’s age.”