Churches in France aren’t the only locations that are under threat from the targeting of Muslim extremists. Father Josiah Trenham described the threats on his Orthodox Church in California. According to reports, Muslims screamed “Allahu Akbars” at St. Andrew Orthodox Church during its Sunday service in California.  They brought their bullhorn so everyone would get the message.

Via FOX News and Jihad Watch: As Father Josiah Trenham prepared to read the Gospel, several parishioners discreetly scooped up their babies, retreated up the aisles of St. Andrew Orthodox Church and out into the spring air, so as not to allow the crying of little ones to disturb the divine liturgy. The time-honored tradition was shattered when a car passed by the Riverside, Calif., church, slowing down as the front passenger leaned out of his window and bellowed menacingly through a bullhorn, according to witnesses. READ MORE