It appears that War is in the air lately from threats arising from China, North Korea, Russia, Iran and now according to a new report coming out Israel, Russian efforts to reach a truce between Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime and the various rebel groups in Syria appear to be progressing, As a result of this Israel is already preparing for the day after, when it is safe to expect that Jihadists will turn their attention to the “Zionist enemy.” which means war will be inevitable in the future. Could this be building up to the War of Psalm 83?

Excerpt From United With Israel:
According to Israeli media reports, the Golani Brigade ran a series of exercises last week in the Golan Heights and near the Lebanese border, in preparation for war with the Islamic State (ISIS) and Hezbollah — two sworn enemies in the civil war. Despite a string of minor breaches, the IDF views the Syrian border as stable, although it makes certain to retaliate for every violation of Israeli sovereignty, no matter how minor. Over the past two years, each time an errant shell landed in an open field on Israel’s side of the border, it was followed by a barrage of Israeli artillery or an aerial bombing of the source.