The Islamic State is at it again with targeting certain individuals and placing them on their hit lists. This time, the U.S. Army has been placed in the crosshairs as the Islamic State has reportedly released  a hit list of 700 soldiers has been released and ordering its terror army to “kill the dogs.”

Excerpt from The Washington Times:
United Cyber Caliphate (UCC), the Islamic State’s 3-month-old hacking consortium, has posted a number of such lists. Analysts say most names appear to be publicly available and randomly chosen as opposed to UCC actually hacking into a website and stealing the information. But in the July 25 posting by the Islamic State — also known as ISIL, ISIS or Daesh — a Pentagon official told The Washington Times analysts have not yet found an open source for the Army “kill list.” The possibility is that one or more government sites were hacked, the source said.