(By Jennifer Leclaire) After I got saved, I received only two instructions: “Read the book of John and go to a Pentecostal church.” Unfortunately, a charismatic false prophet led the only one I could find. Despite the marvelous worship experience, I knew something was wrong as soon as the “prophet” started hawking for cash with false gimmicks that deceived desperate believers.

I went running out the door clutching my purse tightly in both hands, but I didn’t throw out the baby with the proverbial bathwater. I didn’t reject all prophetic ministry because of one false prophet, or the false prophets I’ve encountered since. Shortly after I moved to Alabama, my wilderness place, I was drawn to charismatic teachers like Joyce Meyer. I actually got baptized in the Spirit at one of her conferences. Soon, I plugged into a Word of Faith church, but to my dismay, I saw excesses there also. CONTINUE