(By Jennifer Leclaire) Over 200 intercessors gathered in Orlando recently to praise, worship, pray, prophesy and wage war against anything that opposes God’s will. Honestly, it was one of the most powerful six hours of intercession I’ve ever experienced.

I’m hoping to see this harp and bowl style meeting rise up in cities across the nation. Order and Spirit-led liberty marked the meeting. Under the leadership of Ken Malone of Forerunner Ministries, we took authority over the seven mountains, we cried out to God for our families, we prophesied the Lord’s will in the region and more.

Early in the meeting, the Holy Spirit told me He wanted to deal with thrones in the region. He revealed that worship takes place at altars and many have focused on tearing down the altars built to Baal, Jezebel and other false gods. That’s appropriate, of course, but He also showed me people also worship at thrones and he wanted to dethrone some of the demonic seats of iniquity. CONTINUE