Here comes more bizarre stories pointing towards the parallels of the “Days of Lot” mentioned in the Bible. Are you ready for the London’s first nudist terrace? According to reports, it will open in London this week in a bid to encourage visitors to strip down as they take in the sights.  The 60ft high terrace, in Parliament Square, offers spectacular views of some of the city’s main attractions, including Big Ben, the London Eye and Westminster Abbey.

Excerpt From DailyMail:
Visitors can make sure to sun themselves during the city’s upcoming heatwave next week, while enjoying a refreshing drink at the open-air bar. It seems the terrace is part of an emerging nudist craze that is sweeping the capital – opening just a few weeks after London’s first naked restaurant. More adventurous visitors will also be able to enjoy a work out in the nude, with a round of swingball or a bounce on the trampoline.