The Pokemon Go zombies are still out in force and here is another report to prove it. According to a report coming out of Arizona, A couple has been arrested after allegedly abandoning their two-year-old son to play Pokémon Go.Brianna Daley, 25, and Brent Daley, 27, are facing charges of child endangerment and neglect after leaving the toddler crying outside an apartment block while they were playing Pokémon Go.

Excerpt From Breitbart:
The local CBS affiliate reports that deputies “arrived at the scene and found the child screaming and crying, attempting to get into the residence. They said the boy was barefoot and wearing only a diaper and a T-shirt. The child was reportedly red-faced, sweaty and dirty.” “Deputies found the house unlocked and searched inside for any adults but found that no one was home. They located a phone number for someone they believed was the boy’s dad. When they called and told him his child was found abandoned, he replied, ‘Whatever,’ and hung up on the deputies, according to sheriff’s officials,” the report continues.